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TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker

TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker

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A Magical Music Speaker You've Never Heard Before

Introducing the TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker – the perfect combination of science, music and creativity. This innovative device features a wireless transmission and loudspeaker function, as well as the ability to light gaseous tubes and create kind of bubbles. It's a great teaching tool for sparking students' interest in science, as well as an ideal gift for any occasion.

It can also be used for wireless transmission experiments, including wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, and insulator withstand voltage tests. The TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Bluetooth Speaker is your perfect companion to explore the principles of boosting and high-frequency skinning.

Don't miss out – order yours today!


  • Multi-Functions - An arc generator is the ideal tool for someone studying the wonders of science and physics, providing wireless transmission and a speaker that can be used to power neon lights and a variety of bubbles. It's an exciting way to explore the secrets of the universe!
  • Good Sound Quality - When plugged in, it will produce an amazing melody, with a higher quality than curved plasma speakers, bouncing in tune to the music.
  • High Safety - You can interact with the model of the wireless transmission experiment with ease and without worry, as you will barely feel it and only a slight temperature. Feel free to use it with assurance!
  • Easy to Use - There's no need to plug in an audio cable for the wireless transmission experiment model - just plug it in and you'll be treated to a delightful, sparkling tune! Connecting via BT is effortless and fast.
  • Wide Applications - The amazing Tesla coil arc can be put to great use in the realm of teaching physics, conducting scientific investigations, participating in electronic competitions, building graduation projects, and even as a special birthday present!
  • Safe to Your Device - This music tesla is equipped with a circuit protection feature, so it won't harm any input devices and can produce sound of much higher quality than a typical arc plasma loudspeaker!


Our TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect addition to any party or gathering! This amazing device will have your friends in awe as they watch the electric arc come to life. Dare them to touch it and see what happens! It's a fun and exciting way to liven up any event. Get ready to amaze your friends and family with the TXSSND Magical Music Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker today!


  • Item Type: Music Tesla Coil Arc
  • Product Material: PCB, Acrylic, Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Arc Length: 0-10cm / 0-3.94inch (Adjustment by rotating the switch)
  • Power: 0-100W
  • BT Name: XFW M18

Package Includes:

  • Small neon lamp x 4
  • Discharge pin x 1
  • Power adapter x 1 (110-220V universal)
  • Host x 1
  • Manual x 1

How to connect Bluetooth:

  1. Switch on your phone Bluetooth function.
  2. Plug the power to the model. Tesla model Bluetooth active. Bluetooth name: XFW-M18.
  3. You will find Bluetooth name: XFW-M18 in your phone, hook it up.
  4. Play the square wave music in your phone.

If you have difficult to download square wave music or hook up the Bluetooth, we're here ready to help you out.


  1. Not suitable for people with electronic medical devices.
  2. Do not touch the Tesla while working.
  3. Please do not use this Tesla in an environment with flammable and explosive materials or closed coils and large sized metals.
  4. This device only play square wave music, you can find many square wave musics in YouTube® .


We recently went viral on social media and our stock is very limited. We highly recommend you place your order now while we still have stock.

* YouTube® is a trademark of Google, Inc.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Guido Smith

cool toy for a boy 36 years old

Oliver Gulgowski

fantastic! it works exactly as it should! very well packaged.

Blaze Bergnaum

Works very loudly. Delayed delivery

Marcos Berge

Fast shipping. I haven't plugged in yet.

Nathanael Berge

Works very well, exactly as expected.

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