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Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy

Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy

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Entertain Your Feline Friend with the Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy

Introducing the Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy - an innovative and interactive way to keep your cat entertained for hours. The ball features advanced smart technology, customizable settings, and a built-in sensor that responds to your cat's movements, encouraging play, pounce, and hunt.

Made of high-quality materials, this compact and portable toy is durable, safe, and mimics the movement of real prey. Whether you have a curious kitten or a seasoned cat hunter, the Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy is the perfect way to keep your furry feline engaged and active. Invest in endless hours of playtime for your furry friend and order the Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy today!

Why Cat Owners Love Our Product?

😻 Keeps your cat entertained - The Smart Rolling Cat Ball Toy uses advanced smart technology and a built-in sensor that responds to your cat's movements, encouraging play, pounce, and hunt, providing endless hours of entertainment.

😻 Encourages exercise - This interactive toy stimulates your cat's natural instincts, promoting exercise, and helping them to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

😻 Mimics real prey - The toy's realistic movements mimic the movement of real prey, enhancing your cat's hunting skills, and providing them with an engaging and rewarding experience.

😻 Customizable settings - With customizable settings and a variety of interactive modes, you can easily set the toy to play with your cat when you're not at home or activate it for playtime together, ensuring your furry friend never gets bored.

Package Includes:

  • Smart Rolling Ball x 1

CAUTION: The ball rolls best on hard floor,might not roll well on thick carpet.


We have recently gone viral on social media and our stock is very limited. We highly recommend you place your order now while we still have stock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Michael Gerlach

Great product. The size of the jumper

Brandon Blick

Amazing toy, my cat loves it!

Britney Schoen

Funny is super, cat and child like

Terence Kilback

Two weeks delivery to Poland. It is very cute and small. My cat loves it, he wants to play with it all the time BUT unfortunately the battery doesn’t last long. One hour or so and the toy goes down. It is annoying. But I would but it again.

Adelbert Hudson

Product meets the expected. Only defect is the battery, which discharges in two or three sessions (5 min each) of prank.

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