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Reelspanx - Multi-Color Fishing Spinning Reel

Reelspanx - Multi-Color Fishing Spinning Reel

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Unleash Your Inner Angling Predator with Reelspanx: The Ultimate Weapon for Deadly Reeling Power!

Experience the perfect balance of power, comfort, speed, and precision with Reelspanx. Designed for both sweetwater and open sea game, its innovative snap-action design ensures unparalleled performance on every cast.

With a lightweight frame and a state-of-the-art multi-disc drag system, Reelspanx delivers an impressive 22 pounds of run-stopping drag power. Become a formidable angler with the confidence to conquer any challenge and consistently land the toughest game.

Upgrade your fishing arsenal with Reelspanx and elevate your angling prowess to new heights. It's time to reel in success like never before!

How Reelspanx Can Help You?

✔︎ Unmatched Power - Reelspanx boasts exceptional reeling potential, providing anglers with up to 22 pounds of run-stopping drag power. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and reel in even the toughest catches with ease.

✔︎ Enhanced Comfort - Designed with angler comfort in mind, Reelspanx offers a comfortable grip and ergonomic design. Enjoy extended fishing sessions without fatigue, allowing you to stay focused and connected to the action.

✔︎ Lightning-Fast Speed - Experience the thrill of lightning-fast retrieves with Reelspanx. Its snap-action design ensures quick and efficient reeling, giving you the edge in pursuing fast-moving targets.

✔︎ Versatile Performance - Whether you're fishing in sweetwater or the open sea, Reelspanx is built to excel. Its adaptable design and robust construction make it a reliable companion for a wide range of fishing environments and game species.

✔︎ Consistent Catching - With Reelspanx as your trusted fishing reel, you can become a consistent catcher. Its precision engineering and reliable performance increase your chances of success, making every fishing trip a rewarding and memorable experience.


  • Attention-grabbing cosmetics
  • Continuous anti-reverse clutch
  • Changeable right or left hand retrieve
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Line management system 2.0
  • CNC aluminum spool
  • Superior Drag System offers incredible stopping power
  • Precision brass gears
  • Hardened metal main shaft
  • Triple disc carbon drag washers
  • Perfect mesh drive gear and precision
  • Up to 22 pounds of run-stopping drag power


  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Bearings: 5
  • Weight(g/oz):240/8.4 246/8.6 276/9.7 287/10.1
  • Line Capacity (mm/M):
    • 1000: 0.20/250 0.25/170 0.30/110
    • 2000: 0.20/310 0.25/200 0.30/140
    • 3000: 0.25/250 0.30/170 0.35/135
    • 4000: 0.30/220 0.35/170 0.40/130

Package Includes:

  • Spinning Reel with Carton Box x 1
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Nice reels

Great looking! Nice reels for a reasonable price.

Alessandra Moreira

Excellent coil for such a price! Light, comfortable, beautiful. There is a minus-a hard clip and a flimsy fastening of the handle. But in such a price category everywhere so. The seller answers quickly, delivery During! Thank you for the gift! Recommend! I'll take more.

Gúbio Carvalho

beautiful reel great price ty

Vitória Albuquerque

very good and solid product. runs very smooth and feels high quality. great job guys!

Júlia Barros

Great job by seller for quick shipping of fishing reel. The reel is excellent for the price.

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