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Nail Dryer With 30W UV LED

Nail Dryer With 30W UV LED

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Nail Dryer With 30W UV LED

Getting ready for the party, made simpler!

Getting ready for going out is a very time-consuming task. It takes a lot of time and effort to get that perfect look. Waiting for nails to dry in such time can be a mood spoiler and make you late for the evening. This product helps you dry your nails after applying your favorite nail color. It uses a minute amount of charge to produce UV rays that dry your nails in a quicker and better way.

Convenient and handy

The small and compact size allows you to take this product wherever you want and get ready fast. Moreover, the UV rays from this device do not pose any danger to you or the environment.

Elegant design

This product has a gorgeous design that goes with the cute and feminine touch of your perfect look.

Nail Dryer With 30W UV LED Features:

  • Conserve energy - The UV rays from this device use a small amount of energy to conserve energy and protect your surroundings.
  • Quick-drying - You can dry your nails much faster using this device rather than waiting for the nails to dry, moving them back and forth.
  • Perfect gift - Gift this to your best friend or your daughter so that she remembers you every time she uses this product.
  • No side effects - Unlike many other products that pose a health issue, this device does not cause any adverse effects to your body or skin.


  • Product material - The body is made from top-quality plastic. This increases the usage and reliability of the product. 
  • Available color - It is available in pink color.
  • Life time - Once bought, this product can be used for 50,000 hours if proper care and handling are maintained.
  • Wavelength - Wavelength of 365 + 395 nanometers is used in this device.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UV LED Nail Lamp 
  • 1 x USB power cord
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