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A shower that's more enjoyable and better for your skin & hair

✅ 4 different pressure modes
✅ Remove 98% of harmful chemicals, bacteria & heavy metals
✅ Boost your shower's power by up to 200%
✅ Save up to 30% water
✅ Silicone scalp & body massager
✅ Easy 1 min setup with universal thread

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HydroEco™ 4 Modes High Pressure Shower Head with Filter

HydroEco™ 4 Modes High Pressure Shower Head with Filter

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  • Shower head material: ABS plastic
  • Shower hose material: Stainless steel
  • Shower hose length: 1.5m / 59.06inch
  • Modes: 4
  • Weight: 250g
  • Product Size: 25 x 7 cm / 9.84 x 2.75inch
  • Warranty: One Year

Package Includes

  • Shower head x 1
  • 1.5m stainless steel hose + Wall Holder x 1 (optional)
  • Filter x 1
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    "HydroEco shower head is a game-changer! Softer water, smoother skin, and healthier hair. Purified showering at its best. Easy installation, durable design. Highly recommended for a rejuvenating and health-conscious shower experience."

    -Lisa Anderson, Miami, Florida

SCARY TRUTH: Your shower water is a cocktail of over 300 potential chemicals & pollutants

Stop showering in toxins! Unfiltered water contains chlorine, heavy metals, and hard water minerals that cause dry, itchy skin, hair loss, and even exacerbate eczema and other skin conditions. But with this HydroPure's PP Cotton Filter, 98% of these threats are removed, making those problems a thing of the past. Experience the difference of a clean, refreshing shower without the harmful effects of hard water.

  • Enhanced Shower Experience

    Enjoy a powerful and invigorating shower with our 4 Modes High Pressure Shower Head with Filter, providing a revitalizing water flow.

  • Improved Water Quality

    Experience cleaner and healthier water for softer skin and smoother hair with the built-in filter that removes impurities and chlorine.

  • Easy Installation

    Effortlessly attach our shower head to any standard shower arm and enjoy the convenience of replaceable filters for hassle-free maintenance.

YOUR SHOWER ON STEROIDS: Experience the power of pressure

Four adjustable pressure modes put you in control of your shower experience. Crave the gentle caress of a rain shower or the invigorating pulse of a high-pressure spray? HydroPure delivers. And the best part? It boosts your water pressure by up to 200%, all while conserving up to 30% water! Get the best of both worlds – a powerful shower that's gentle on the planet.

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What substances does the PP Cotton Filter remove from the water?

The PP Cotton Filter in the HydroEco™ shower head helps remove over 300 potential chemicals and pollutants from your water, including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

How often should I replace the PP Cotton Filter?

For optimal performance, we recommend replacing the PP Cotton Filter every 2 to 3 months, depending on your water quality and usage.

How do I install the HydroEco™ shower head?

The HydroEco™ shower head is designed for easy installation. It features a universal G1/2” thread that fits any standard shower pipe, arm, extender, or filter. Simply unscrew your old shower head and screw on the HydroEco™ shower head.

Can the HydroEco™ shower head fit my existing shower pipe?

Yes, the HydroEco™ shower head is designed with a universal G1/2” thread that fits any standard shower pipe, arm, extender, or filter.

How does the shower head increase water pressure?

The HydroEco™ shower head is designed with micro nozzle technology that boosts your water pressure by up to 200%, providing a powerful shower experience even in low-pressure water supply pipelines.

What is the warranty on the HydroEco™ shower head?

The HydroEco™ shower head comes with a one-year warranty. We stand by the quality of our products and are committed to providing excellent customer service. If you experience any issues with your HydroEco™ shower head within the warranty period, please contact us and we will replace it for free.

Customer Reviews

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Kane Ferry

OPIS vidpovidait, having made it wrong, it's okay to be afraid of the village of Dali. I got it for 14 days, Ukrainian.

Frederik Johnson

For the price, the product is good. When you connect, the water is leaking a little bit, but if you take some taping, it's fine. It's a good price. Not looking cheap. I 'd feel like I'm in my 20000 s at 15000.

Lilla Heaney

Excellent quality for what it cost!

Addie Schamberger

Thanks seller

Dell Corwin

Everything came quickly in the inside put a note and a sticker hook. Cool shower piece, rubber pumplets by themselves, the water does not come quickly to the seller thanks and respect