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Crystal U-Shape Horn Wine Decanter

Crystal U-Shape Horn Wine Decanter

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Crystal U-Shape Horn Wine Decanter

A luxurious bottle to enhance the flavor!

To wine lovers, a decanter is more than an aerator carafe or a decoration piece to be put on display. The unique bond wine enthusiasts develop with their decanters deepen, as they taste and explore a wide variety of different wines. In that case, this fantastic U-shaped crystal wine glass is for you. The beautiful U shape design of this crystal glass allows the oxygen to combine well with wine and enhances the wine's flavor.


Timeless Design & Everlasting Brilliance

The sleek and vintage look of this wine glass has its charm. It will look so different and unique when you will use it at your parties. It is made up of lead-free glass and has no side effects at all.

Suitable for all occasions

The glass is so affordable if you drink alcohol or wine regularly. Also, it can be used on all occasions, either at a party or in everyday use. This glass's open ends allow you to smell the wine's aroma and the vessel's composition somehow enhances the sweetness.

Crystal U-Shape Horn Wine Decanter Features:

  • Easy to use - The decanter is like a lyre and is easy to carry and pour wine.
  • Delicate design - The chic design of this horn wine glass presents it as a luxurious gift.
  • Aeration - The wine is provided enough area to aerate, and it tastes heavenly.


  • Product material - We take pride in providing you a lead-free crystal decanter having a lovely shape.
  • Specs - It weighs about 540 g and has a capacity of 1500 ml.
  • Color-  The transparent glass makes the wine visible through it and seems vintage.
  • Shape - It is molded into an elegant U shape, which gives the wine enough surface area to oxidize.
  • Size - The decanter is 38 x 24cm in height, perfect to handle.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wine Decanter
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