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Vintage HD Polarized Windproof Sunglasses

Vintage HD Polarized Windproof Sunglasses

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UV400 Protection & Lightweight


  • UV400 Protection - Protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, which may cause eye disease.
  • Lightweight - Only 24 gram. It is comfortable to wear.
  • HD Polarized Lens - Reduce unwanted reflection and give you a clear vision under the sun, so you can drive safely or catch more fish.
  • Durable & Impact Proof - Created with high quality PC material, you can keep using the sunglasses for a long time.
  • Windproof - Curved design make the frame covers your face completely. It reduces the wind blowing to your eyes effectively, it is especially good for cycling or skiing in high speed.
  • Multiple Colors - 6 different colors to fit your style. Matt finishing create a sleek feel of touch.

So why wait? Order your Vintage HD Polarized WIndproof Sunglasses today!

A Polarized Sunglasses Give You A Clear Vision

We know you love all sort of outdoor activities, our lightweight Vintage Polarized Windproof Sunglasses are perfect for all occasions.

vintage windproof polarized sunglasses

vintage windproof polarized sunglasses

No More UV Damage

If you need to look stylish while protecting your eyes from UV rays, these vintage-designed sunglasses are right for you. Whether you're driving, fishing, running or cycling, they offer UV400 protection and HD polarized lenses that shield your eyes from the sun's dangerous UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, and give you a clear vision under the sun.

Perfect for Any Weather or Light Condition

These glasses make you see things clearly and easier by protecting your eyes from the harsh light of the sun. So you don't have to focus on intuition or guesswork, but just on simply seeing anything in front of you.

Our Vintage Polarized Windproof Sunglasses are also durable, impact-proof, and comfortable to wear. These sunglasses are available in 6 different colors so that you can find the perfect match for your style!

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Polarized Sunglasses

    Don't wait, order your Vintage HD Polarized Windproof Sunglasses before the special offer expired!

    What is polarized lenses?

    Polarized lenses block the horizontal light waves reflected from reflective objects such as glass, car paint, water and snow, and only allow vertical light to pass through. They protect your eyes from harmful reflection rays of sunlight, water glare and snow blindness.

    Polarized lenses reduce the glare of bright outdoor lights and help you see clearer in a variety of environments: at work or when driving, for example. By using a polarized lenses, you can see what's swimming under the water's surface reflection, especially a big advantage for fishing.

    In addition to filtering out annoying glares that can hamper vision during eye strain-causing tasks like reading outside on a sunny day, polarized lens will also eliminate reflections which would otherwise decrease clarity in certain settings such as when you're trying to read an LCD screen while wearing sunglasses indoors or watching TV with window blinds behind it.

    Why you need a polarized sunglasses?

    • Driving - Reduces the glare of reflection from buildings and vehicles, so you can concentrate on the road condition and protect yourself and your loved one in the car.
    • Fishing - See much clear under the water, and see the fish, so you can catch a big fish without wasting time to guess.
    • Running - Reduces the reflection on the path, so you can reduce the stress on the eyes and concentrate on breathing.
    • Cycling - Good cover your eyes from the wind blowing, so your eyes will not dry while racing.
    • Other outdoor activities - Wear it in a sunny day for any activity to protect your eyes.


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    Joseph Waitere

    Vintage HD Polarized Windproof Sunglasses - UV400 Protection & Lightweight

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    Good sunnies

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    HD polarised sunglasses

    Good sunnies

    Kaine Fieldew

    Very happy with my purchase.

    Glenn Berghofer
    Great Sunnies

    These sunglasses are brilliant and great value. Thanks.